CARO and Company, Inc.

"Creating New Possibilities...  Achieving Life-Changing Results."

Hello and welcome!

My name is Melissa and I am an individual life & wellness coach, as well as a strategic consultant to individual entrepreneurs and small business owners.  

My motto... ‘Creating new possibilities, while achieving life-changing results’ best represents what I do.  I work with open-minded individuals to create a future that embodies their interests.  Life-changing results are possible when new tools are discovered and alternative ways of thinking are embraced.

Additionally, I continue to help individual entrepreneurs and small business owners with business strategy, operational consultation and marketing expertise.  Sustainable and profitable results are achievable with committed action. 

My recent successes include; the enabling of individuals to realize their unique 'power' by breaking-through preconceived personal limitations, the acquisition of global clients through an online marketing campaign created in the real estate domain, and the quadrupling of profitable revenue for a floundering small business.

While I recently relocated to Washington DC after having lived abroad in The Netherlands for the past 3+ years, I do work with clients across the globe.  I am a world traveller with a genuine interest in diversity and a passion for supporting  humanitarian-related causes and advocating on behalf of animal welfare.  I enjoy spending time with my partner Carrie (+25 years), walking our dog Bailey, trekking mountains, camping, biking, and pushing myself into new and challenging adventures.

Everyone has the ability to live an exceptional life and one that reflects their individual truth.  It is my hope that you shine in your own greatness and live a life filled with purpose.


Contact me today so that we can create new possibilities for you.